About Staatus

Our Commitment

STAATUS delivers the most economic and efficient way to transact business across the supply chain industry. We guarantee the integrity of all business and financial transactional data for our clients.

Our Mission

To change the way people think about doing business, giving them the ability to realise the full potential of their business.

Our Core Values

  • We set the benchmark for business transacting.
  • We deliver operational excellence for our clients.
  • We future proof everything we do.
  • We push the envelope of Business Management Solutions.


Based in Dublin and Newry with offices in Glasgow and Manchester the company was established in 2006 and has brought an extensive business knowledge and experience to the development of our solutions. Our team comprises of a group of vastly experienced and highly motivated technology, sales, services and business professionals.

STAATUS has unique intellectual property (IP) and disruptive technology that delivers multiple competitive advantages over alternative products and services. We are technology independent and so have no impositions placed on us by any multinational technology vendor. This independence enables us to future proof our clients against new and emerging technologies.

STAATUS has assimilated all elements of business transacting, self-service, financial management and communications platforms into a fully compliant seamless environment.

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