Digital Business Platform

Digital Business Platform (DBP)

Automation, Transparency and Trust from Customer to Supplier.

DBP negates the need for the collection of disparate solutions normally required in attempting to integrate web, mobile and enterprise business operations for improved profitability and customer service levels. The platform offers individual or collective solutions for multiple enterprise wide supply chain applications.

With secure mobile and web access to “Situational Awareness” for all stakeholders, DBP removes the traditional existing barriers between front-end and back-end business operations, reducing costs and improving business performance everywhere across the supply chain. STAATUS has adopted and applied the risk controls of “Lean Management Philosophy” to deliver maximum operational efficiency and customer service levels with minimal resources for all solutions.

Deployed as a service (SaaS), the unique single platform is easy
to implement, intuitive and user friendly. Flexible, scalable, agile
and future proofed against emerging technologies and changing
markets, DBP is the perfect strategic platform for future business growth.


Seamlessly integrated with all sales, purchases and inventory operations STAATUS fully automates the bookkeeping processes embedded with Control Risk Management. Instant updating of all ledger balances guarantees the accuracy and consistency of all financial transactional data, reporting and analysis in real-time.

There is full drill down with detailed access to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Tax surplus/deficit, Inventory and Bank allowing for complete transparency of your financial and business health.

Inventory Management

Lean inventory is smart business. STAATUS effortlessly reduces your inventory levels by automatically streamlining supply to meet demand. STAATUS maintains a direct association between your customers and your suppliers to maximise automated replenishment and predictive purchasing, improving your cash and working capital management.

For customer orders, automated intelligent workflows will reserve items against free or inbound stock. If free or inbound items are already reserved the system will automatically produce a new purchase order.

Purchases Order Management

Automatic PO generation is driven by seamless integration of purchasing with Sales and/or Inventory requirements. STAATUS facilitates back to back orders, drop-ship, automated scheduled replenishment, sales demand and min/max re-order levels.

Our purchase order management includes control risk management to ensure you never pay for anything more than once and no overcharges from suppliers ever slip by.

Fully automated or manual, all purchase orders have an approval process for management authorisation.

With seamless integration to sales and inventory, automated purchase order processing reduces stock holding requirements and improves working capital management. It saves costs and improves efficiencies by streamlining transactions and eliminating the duplication of tasks.

Sales Order Management

With automated intelligent workflows, the entire sales order process is easily completed with just a single entry of data. You never have to enter data twice, no more manual rekeying to different modules or systems within your business.

Seamless integration with inventory and financials ensures instant generation of all dispatch documents and invoices, with automatic updating of inventory and posting to ledgers all the way through to P&L and Balance Sheet.

Reporting & Analysis

Live reporting with Instant Alerts on critical business activities enables more effective decision making at all levels for improved performance throughout your organisation.

Real-time and automated processing of all transactions guarantees the accuracy and consistency of live data analysis and reporting.

The problem with most reporting and analysis is that it is often out of date and inaccurate, diminishing the effectiveness of management decision making for the business.

Whether you want live analysis of individual sales persons, products or customers, or if you require a complete overview of your business disciplines, the extensive reporting facilities within STAATUS can accommodate all your requirements.


Authorize your suppliers to securely maintain changes to their product and pricing files online, then approve them for activation. With secure access your suppliers can see their trading history with you and be alerted to all your requirements at all times.

This facility can significantly reduce the cost, time and effort normally associated with these tasks.

You can even allow your suppliers access to enter purchase invoices and credit notes. You set the parameters and you decide if you wish to approve them.

All your suppliers and their associated products and services are completely incorporated into sales, operations and finance for traceability and consistency across your enterprise. The intelligent automated workflows provide complete control and matching over all purchasing, receipt of goods and supplier invoicing. All these workflows are completed end to end with just one single entry of data. Now you can be assured that you never pay for any item more than once and that overcharges from suppliers never slip by. STAATUS provides the option of multi-channel trading for all suppliers.

*Supplier facility due for release Q1 2015.


Secure online self-service for your customers can propel service levels to new heights. Now they can be empowered 24/7 to manage all aspects of their trading relationship with you, saving time and money for all. STAATUS provides the option of multi-channel trading for all customers.

Your customers can create new or repeat orders, amend, review and easily track them all the way through to completion. They can see their full transactional history, check their account balances with full drill down, view and print invoices locally, make payments and more.

With this facility your customers can now enjoy the benefits of complete transparency, confirming the trusting relationship required for continued growth.

Our perfectly lean Business Management solution optimizes the flow of products and services through the entire value chain, delivering unprecedented customer value. Customers can be assured of the accuracy and consistency of all trading activity and transactional data within STAATUS. With improved performance throughout your organisation STAATUS directly enhances your customer services levels.

The Control Risk Management of STAATUS ensures that nothing is shipped to your customers without an invoice and all elements of inventory and finance are automatically and instantly updated. By maintaining direct association between your customers and suppliers, the highest levels of value and service is delivered to your customers.


Management have secure role based access to real-time reporting and analysis across the entire business, allowing for more informed and effective decision making. Automated alerts on critical issues from credit control to unusual events ensures management vigilance in monitoring performance. “People do what you inspect not what you expect”

Management have more control and time to focus on creative and productive opportunities as the automated business processes require less human effort, less time and less supervision.

The STAATUS reporting instantly and easily identifies the most valuable and the most problematic issues arising in your business, allowing management to take immediate and appropriate action.

STAATUS retains all historical data for constant analysing and reviewing to assist in tactical and strategic decision making for your business.


Working with real time information staff can now see what’s happening at all stages of the processes they work with. No more re-keying of data, your staff can work more efficiently from sales and purchasing through to warehouse, inventory and finance. With mobility, role based access and isolation of responsibility staff are enabled to operate with greater levels of competency and accountability.

For your staff, the single entry of data per transaction removes many of the resulting difficulties and conflict caused by human error. Released from time consuming administration, they can now focus their experience and expertise elsewhere, for example on customer care or new sales opportunities.


Globalization and the pace of modern business is dictating the need for companies to outsource more and more services. STAATUS facilitates this by providing secure role based access for a variety of third party partners like sales agents, logistics, warehousing, business consultants, financial advisors and more. The level of participation and involvement of all partners is securely controlled by you and your management team at all times.

Allowing your partners the opportunity to work on your behalf with real-time and accurate information can only improve their service levels to you and your company. With automated alerts and isolation of responsibility, you can now constantly measure the impact and value they bring to your operations.

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