Irish Charity – Compliance and Transparency

Irish Charity delivers on Compliance and Transparency

As Executive Director, I am pleased to announce that Raynauds & Scleroderma Ireland (RSI) have taken the lead to combat the downturn effects of the economic crisis and recent scandals within the charity sector by implementing a new cloud based ERP solution that delivers on compliance and transparency. Not for profit organisations are facing an uncertain future, as never before have their actions been under such scrutiny.

As all charities come under the spotlight many people believe that charities have become too business oriented and have lost sight of their charitable purpose. However, just like any other institution involved in managing services, people, cash and other associated financial transactions, charities have no choice but to adopt a business-like approach to their very existence.

It should therefore be incumbent upon the directors of the charities, to focus and ensure that changes are constantly made to maintain the highest standards of efficiencies and accountability. It is exactly this change of focus that will enable the Not for Profit sector to turn itself around in the eyes of the public they depend upon. In fact it could be argued that in some cases, it is exactly the absence of this approach that has caused the recent scandals in Ireland and elsewhere.

Transparency and compliance are fast becoming the buzz words of the day for the new standards expected from charities. The recent appointment of Ms Úna Ní Dhubhghaill as head of the New Charities Regulatory Authority, is indicative of the government’s determination to assert compliance and transparency among charitable organisations.

Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Ireland (RSI), have fully embraced these positive new changes by recently implementing a state of the art Cloud based ERP business solution. Implemented and supported by STAATUS the new solution provides RSI with the financial compliance and the transparency requirements of all stakeholders including the Regulatory Authority and Government.

In the coming years, trust and confidence will be at the forefront of a donor’s decision to donate. A charity’s competitive advantage will be its integrity. Critical to achieving this will be high standards of governance and transparency: How charities conduct their business and what they do with the funds so generously given to them. Having an ERP that manages and reports in real-time on all revenue streams and expenditure will give the element of “control” back to the donor.

The time and resources traditionally spent on our administration and reporting can now be refocused on more productive areas of fundraising and providing the very services for which we exist.  This new ERP solution allows small organisations to concentrate on more proactive areas such as the promotion of awareness and income generation.

The importance of investing in strong internal controls through cloud technologies for good governance cannot be overstated. With no capital outlay required the new solution is delivered on a software as a service (SaaS) model, and so, is easily manageable for the charity on a month to month basis. We feel that we have now secured the future of our business infrastructure, ensuring compliance and transparency in line with legislative requirements, while freeing up our resources to get on with the job in hand.

Michelle McGill

Raynaud & Scleroderma Ireland.