Software Security

You need an account ID, username and password to log onto STAATUS. If you forget your password, STAATUS will create a new one for you. This new password can easily be changed after you have securely logged in.

This login information and all the information that you enter onto STAATUS is fully encrypted using robust SSL encryption, and is fully secure.

User security

You can custom your account so that different users have controlled and limited access to their related roles. You and your accountant may have full access to your accounting ledgers and KPI reports whilst sales staff may be restricted simply to sales activity.

This can be done when setting up your accounts (or when we are setting up your initial accounts), or at your convenience while using the system.

Data Backup

STAATUS is deployed on IBM’s industrial strength DB2 relational database. All data is backed up on a daily basis to a secure location in compliance with industry standard disaster recovery procedures. Physical copies of all customer data are available within 24 hours of formal authorised requests.

Using the integrated Data Backup facility, you can have immediate and round the clock access to your own data which can be downloaded and saved securely for additional peace of mind.

Native Cloud Solution

Our core technology is based on the industry standards around JAVA, Ruby-on-Rails and enterprise industrial strength databases. As our platform is technology independent: it’s a framework based on patterns for financial and business transactions, which is one of the main strengths of delivering native cloud solutions.

Own Intellectual Property

We enable a fully functional rich application experience to any user device: from standard computer browsers to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. We have successfully created a unique fusion of our own intellectual property, core business logic and leading edge technologies that redefines the way people can do business.

Future Proofed

We are technology independent and so have no impositions placed on us by any multinational technology vendor. This independence enables STAATUS to future proof our clients against new and emerging technologies. All of our technology partnerships are strategic and collaborative.

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