Having successfully expanded our business, we sought out a solution that would give us greater control measures, linking our food service operations and accounts departments for our numerous cafes within Google EMEA headquarters, Dublin. We extensively researched the marketplace for the right solution and luckily we discovered STAATUS. We can confidently say it has surpassed our expectations by providing stock control and management accounts through the same real time platform.

Elena Ayaso, Owner, Caterspan: Catering Management Services

Elena Ayaso, Owner

Being the UK based CEO of a company operating internationally and having to travel constantly, I was looking for a solution that could provide the financial reporting and operational transparency on our business activities as they were happening whenever and wherever I happened to be in the World.

Being Cloud based, STAATUS have been able to provide what I couldn’t find elsewhere from other solutions and are helping to improve our business management as we grow our business, develop new revenue streams and maximise our margins. The transparency and accountability makes me feel comfortable that I have every angle of the business covered even if I can't be physically present at our facility.

Michael Fitton, CEO, Grand Bahama Group

Michael Fitton, CEO

Now my team can complete sales orders and other transactions instantly from anywhere. I can have up to the minute visibility of our trading and cash position also. The STAATUS service gave us this ability by automating our business administration which also reduced our operational costs. We are now managing our inventory more efficiently and effectively.

Customers have the option to trade and manage their account with us and the service is easy to budget for, on a usage basis, with no limits on products or users.

Hugh O’Neill, Pitzone

Hugh O’Neill

One of the biggest challenges for us has always been the ordering, tracing and reconciling of goods between our restaurants and our numerous suppliers. Before STAATUS we tried to manage this by a combination of e-mails, spreadsheets and accounting software. Add to this the endless dialogue and paper trails for all involved and you can see how complex and costly all this had become.

With STAATUS what used to take 4-5 days a month, we can now reconcile in less than 4 hours, saving Yamamori a huge amount of time and money each month on this process alone.

Charlie Zhen Zhu, Purchasing Manager, Yamamori

Charlie Zhen Zhu, Purchasing Manager